April 30, 2009

WD TV Images for appletrailerfs-0.1.1-alpha Added

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Application images for the Western Digital TV HD were added for the appletrailerfs 0.1.1-alpha version.

This is the first release for the Western Digital TV HD. The application image can be used with either Zorander’s ext3-boot or B-RAD’s WDLXTV. Simply extract the file and copy the onto a USB stick that you use while booting the WDTV.
After a reboot, to view the movies just navigate to the “Video” menu and select “Folders”. Then go into the “Apple Trailers” directory and browse for a movie and trailer.

Successfully tested on
- ext3-boot
- ext3-boot 0.9.2
- WDLXTV 0.5.2

The images can be downloaded from

Some movie trailers won’t play because the trailers are no longer online, in the next releases there will be a filter mechanism.

appletrailerfs-0.1.1-alpha released

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A new alpha release that contains important fixes for the Western Digital TV HD device.

A direct IO mode was added that disables any caching in a temp file and thus improves the performance on devices with a very slow IO (like the WD TV HD or other flash based drives). This means that it comes down to the performance of the internet connection. To watch a 720p trailer live you need at least 6Mbit downstream. For 1080p 10 to 12Mbit are better.

Further improvements are more on the inside like source code cleanup and groundwork for other IO modes that are optimized for 1080p playback on slower connections.

The source package can be downloaded from

April 25, 2009

appletrailerfs-0.1.0-alpha released

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First release, so it basically works. Currently only movies available via the HD feed are included and presented in a two level directory structure: Movie/Trailer.
The package contains already a database and no auto update feature is implemented yet.

You can download the source package from

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