June 22, 2009

A Late Update

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I haven’t gotten around to set up an automatic update process, so updates will be more or less irregular for the next 2-3 weeks and maybe only every few days. As soon as an automatic update process is in place, so that updates are available every few hours, I’ll let you know.

June 14, 2009

First Auto Update / Fixed Sorting

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I just uploaded a new database that contains the latest new trailers (Street Dreams, The Crypt and others) and also fixes the problem that the newest trailers were not on top. It will be pulled in by auto update, the OSD modifications etc. will be updated as well.

June 11, 2009

appletrailerfs 0.3.1-beta released

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A new version of appletrailerfs has been released. appletrailerfs brings you the Apple movie trailers to the Western Digital TV HD and your PC.

Despite the small version jump this release contains a bunch of new cool features. There is lot of new eye candy due to more thumbnails and also updates to the WDTV OSD. A real auto update mode is added and some long awaited options have been added. Screenshots of the new features are at the end of the article. See the following list for more details.

For the impatient: Download WDTV application image

  • auto update improvements / fixes
    • added: movie posters and OSD files are downloaded on the fly (they were excluded from autoupdate until now)
    • fixed: when auto update failed during startup appletrailerfs did not start
    • fixed: on WDTV auto update was skipped while the filesystem was running
    • fixed: HTTP error codes were not handled correctly
  • WDTV OSD (see screenshots)
    • added thumbnails to all folders and trailers
      • this will make navigation in thumbnail mode easier
    • added support for OSD mod in thumbnail mode
    • added IMDB rating to OSD screens
    • added 3D effect to movie poster display
  • WDTV general
    • a user config file was added to allow users to specify custom options
      • take a look at appletrailerfs.conf.txt and edit it
      • you can simply hide trailers of a specific resolution or change how trailers are sorted
    • log files are created on boot USB stick if it is writeable
      • this will make debugging easier
    • fixed: folder names with special character’s where not supported correctly
  • added: option to specify auto update interval (–update-interval=SECONDS)
  • added: option to disable auto update (–update-interval=0)
  • added: timecode is added to log messages
  • fixed: database file contained obsolete fields

Thanks go to rezmus for the OSD layouts and cgreenle for the genre icons (they can be found in original at

The WDTV application image is available at
As always, to use this you need ext3-boot or WDLXTV and you must copy all files from the downloaded ZIP file to your USB boot stick.
If you don’t want to use the GUI modifications just delete the file from your USB boot stick.

All project files can be downloaded from

For future developments and time frames have a look at the roadmap.

SourceForge project page:

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