July 25, 2009

appletrailerfs 0.3.2-beta Released

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A new version of appletrailerfs has been released. appletrailerfs brings you the Apple movie trailers to the Western Digital TV HD and your PC.

This version introduces a new cache mode that improves performance, especially for 720p and 1080p trailers. The new cache mode is the default one, so no changes are neccesary to any config files.

*NOTE: A bugfix release that fixes problems with the Apple servers is available in the mean time. The download link below has been adapted.

The WDTV application image is available at
As always, to use this you need ext3-boot or WDLXTV and you must copy all files from the downloaded ZIP file to your USB boot stick.
If you don’t want to use the GUI modifications just delete the file from your USB boot stick.

All project files can be downloaded from

For future developments and time frames have a look at the roadmap.

SourceForge project page:

July 18, 2009

Automatic Update Process in Place

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As promised a few posts ago a new automatic update process is in place. After I monitored it for a few days and everything works it is now live which means the trailer database is updated every few hours so you always have the latest trailers available on your WDTV or PC.

On another note: A new improved streaming mode is as good as done and has survived beta testing, streaming of 720p and 1080p trailers are now no longer a problem if you have the neccessary bandwidth. The new version will be released ASAP.

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